How to Look after a pet Pheonix

How to look after a pet Phoenix



Can breath fire 

When it turns 1000 years old it will burst into flames and be reborn.


Do you want to look after these extremely advanced pets? Well then you’re reading the right information text. To adopt these Amazing special creatures you can go to the EXOTIC PET EMPORIUM.

If you do this you will have a best friend for life but remember they can come in an egg, a kid, *********, adult or grandparent. These animals are meant to be treated in the same way or they will get very angry and rage at you. They are not already tamed so you will need to tame it.

Here are the instructions:

– First, hold its nose gently so it does not get frightened. 

– Next, you will need to give it a huge fish like tuna.

– Then give it a bucket of water to drink.


That’s how easy it is. But if you don’t do that it will go out of control and burn your clothes and all your beloved things.


These animals don’t need a collar because they have a crimson feather around its neck which has a very easy special pattern. We would advise you to write the pattern down so you will know which one is yours.


When you get home you will need to give it a super hot bath so that it will get comfortable and relaxed and always feed it chicken salad.



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