How To Look After A Pet Unicorn

Have you ever wanted to keep a rare pet ? If so, you could purchase an egg from a shop that has all kinds of things, The Ultimate Shop, which is  surprisingly large considering it is at the end of a back alley in London. Unicorns are the best, you would enjoy training one as unicorns always listen to their owner. Normally a unicorn can grow very large and will be able to protect you .


However, Keeping a baby unicorn is  not an easy thing to do. It is the kind of thing for the bravest of people as it is not like any normal baby of any species. If you are not tough, then you would have a really hard time and your unicorn will grow up and hurt you.


What  you need: a sizeable garden, a unicorn cage made by elves, a large thick fluffy blanket and lots of unicorn food.


What you need to do:


  • Your unicorn will need a sizeable garden because the unicorns have a lot of energy so it will need the space to run and learn to fly
  • You will need a unicorn cage for your pet so they  have a safe place to sleep in ( you wouldn’t want them to get stolen in the middle of the night)
  • A large thick blanket so the unicorn can not feel cold, especially in winter!
  • Lots of unicorn food which includes doughnuts, cupcakes and cakes .


Feeding your pet:


First, get a big plate and put a lot of cupcakes or a large cake (as the unicorn eats a lot ) .


Next, put their yummy food on the table and whistle three times so it knows it is food.


After that, let them go to the large garden as after they eat they have a lot of energy.


Finally, put them in their beds (which have to be rainbow coloured). 


A  final note of warning:


Unicorns are not just for parties.They are  your pets forever. As your pet will be the only one who will understand you and communicate with you. They will protect you if you are in danger like if a dragon tried to eat you, your pet unicorn will swoop in and rescue you. Many owners treat their unicorns really kindly by giving them the right amount of food and playing with them after they eat food.


One final word of warning. Unicorns do not like other unicorns to be your pet; they only like themselves. So if they have any children, hide them as they will kill their children and get them to a pet shop.

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  1. Kyron (S) Hallsville Primary School

    I really enjoyed reading this guide and it was really nice and I don’t think you have to improve anything

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