How to Look After a Puppy Elf


If you are an animal lover don’t be shy be expect to read this article about mythical creatures and how to care for them. This time we are going to do my favourite PUPPY ELF, don’t miss this chance to find out puppy elves are real (it is not a mythical creature any more!) Dash to the pet store to get a new type of bread of dog. If you are planning to buy one keep reading we will teach you how to take care of a puppy elf.


How to take care of a puppy elf


What you need to get and do:

You need a normal puppy as it’s pet or it will keep crying and scratching you.

You must play with them or they will bite your sofa and spoil it.

You have to feed it 4 times a day or they will jump and eat your food while you are eating.


How to keep them cute and furry like an sea otter  


You need to give it a shower at least twice a week or it is going to look like a pig and lucky they love having a shower.

You need to brush its hair twice a day and take it for a walk every day. You need to play with it often because being happy makes magical creatures happy.


What they would like to like to eat


They eat any food in sight but it is not healthy for them to eat all kinds of food. They love eating donuts and luckily it is healthy for them but don’t give it to their pet puppy. Don’t give them candy or they will vomit. Remember to give them food 4 times a day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    




First, buy it a pet so it won’t cry and scratch you.

Next, feed it 4 times a day so it doesn’t go crazy.

Then, play with it so it doesn’t bite and spoil your sofa.

Finally, give it treats when it does something good so it gets tamed and it will be obedient. 

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