How to Look After an Ocean Dragon by Millie

Have you ever thought about keeping an ocean dragon as a pet? If so, purchase one at the ocean animals centre. This will be a great animal for company!

However, an ocean dragon isn’t the most pleasant of creatures and they can be a lot of work. You will need to follow these instructions to make sure your dragon doesn’t become a flooding nuisance.

What you need:a water whistle, tracking collar, lots of fresh seaweed and salmon slices and a pond for your baby dragon, as it grows this pond will need to be enlarged.

What you do:

  • Your dragon will swim freely during the day. Furthermore, at mealtimes blow the whistle and the dragon will come back to you, even from a far away river.
  • A tracking collar is essential as you will know where your dragon is at all times (making sure it stays out of trouble) this can be activated by any device, download the app ‘track my dragon’ and insert the code on the collar.
  • Mealtimes can be nerve racking as your dragon can act up any second, follow these instructions to have the perfect meal with your dragon.
  • First buy the freshest seaweed strips in stock and top up your basket with a load of salmon ready to carefully slice the salmon and wrap it with the seaweed.
  • Next, lay your dragons meal on a large rock beside the pond.
  • After that, fill a bucket with newly cleaned water and place it next to the rock.
  • Finally, retreat slowly to a safe distance before using your whistle.
  • When you know your dragon is eating safely,  you can enter your house. This way you won’t be mistaken for its meal.
  • Keep your dragon in a simple pond in a quiet area in your garden. You can hire a pond to be built in at ponds from if you are unsure of your dragon’s size. These dragons must be kept outside at all times as they are known for causing floors to become slippery.
  • These dragons aren’t just a game. They are a lot more serious and if these instructions aren’t followed then you will end up with many injuries. They need a lot of company as they get lonely very easily.
  • A final note of caution. Ocean dragons are very good at flooding areas unexpectedly. These animals aren’t predictable and you need to take care. I would recommend getting your house built a few feet higher before they get to the age of 5.

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  1. Hi your blog is great! What’s a water whistle? Could you use some shorter sentences?

  2. I love this writing. You had wrote a lot. I like where you have added a website.

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