How to take care of a hippogriff

Is your dream to house a unique pet ?Do you really want to parent a baby mythical creature? If so pick up a baby hippogriff from your local hatchery. You will never find yourself bored again.

Although it is fun taking care of a hippogriff,  it’s is extremely dangerous. If you are up to the challenge read on to find out more.

What you will need : a hippogriffs calling horn , lots of the finest food (ferrets work best)and  a special designed harness and lead.

What you do:

Your new joy, will roam around your house but it will come to the sound of the hippogriff calling horn and they will come to you no matter where you are. Hippogriff have immaculate hearing, so even if they were so far away from you they will come flying to you in an instant.

One Response to “How to take care of a hippogriff”

  1. I really like the ideas, they are all very unique, though maybe you could of add a few more facts? Also do you pronounce it hip-o-gr-i-ff?

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