How to take care of a kitsune!

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What you need:

  • Kitsune powder so that you clean your pet and make them smell perfect! You can purchase this at Kits and CO.
  • A large variety and supply of fruits because kitsunes love fruit!
  • A big crate that is around the size of 3 metres as your kitsune needs somewhere to sleep.
  • Finally, an enormous garden so your kitsune can have lots of space to run around.

What you do.

Your wonderful pet kitsune will be very lazy at first because when you claim them it will be a kitlet (a baby kitsune). This means that it will be just like a puppy; it will need a nap every hour and can’t go out for 6 weeks.

  • Once your baby kitlet is 6 weeks old it is able to be taken outside! (WARNING: Take your kitsune out for half an hour on under when it’s a kitlet because otherwise it may turn against you!) Every morning, you need to take your kitsune out because it needs daily exercise to remain healthy.
  • When you get home after exercise, you’ll need to put the kitlet in it’s crate and let it rest for the maximum of 1 hour.
  • After that, your new pet will need a snack so that it can have enough energy for the rest of the day. Remember to only feed it fruit though!
  • Once the kitlet has devoured their delicious snack, you will need to do some training! (To get some of the best kitsune treats visit the Kits and CO website). For training, you will need to teach your kitsune: sit, lie down, chase and hunt! The command chase is so that when their prey for hunting is close they can chase it. The command hunt is for hunting their prey as kitsunes are hunting mammals and it’s in their blood to hunt. Once, they have clearly got the idea of these new commands you can move on.
  • Next, it will be lunch time! For a full kitsune meal, you will need to send your kitsune to their crate while you make their lunch. A full meal for these fantastic pets should consist of: strawberries, red grapes (NOT green ones), bananas and pineapple. When you have finished making its lunch, you can pour all of these fruits into their feeding bowl and let your pet out of their crate. WARNING: stay away from them while they are eating because they become very protective over food!
  • After this, your kitlet will be VERY tired so it’s best to leave them asleep for the rest of the afternoon.
  • Once your pet wakes up, it’s tea time! Feed them the exact same meal as they had for lunch and repeat those same steps for every meal time.
  • Finally, you will need to send them to the garden to burn off some energy before bed. Leave them out there for precisely an hour and then you can send them back inside for a peaceful rest.

Final note of warning: Remember to never go near a kitsune when it’s feeding time and to never disturb one during rest. Good luck and I hope this guide helped you!

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  1. Hi lovely piece of writing! I love that you can only feed it fruit!
    Why are they protective over food?
    Maybe you could describe how it looks!

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