How To Take Care Of A Pet Rainbow Horse

 How To Look After A Pet Rainbow Horse

Have you ever wanted to keep an uncommon pet? If so, then you can buy a baby rainbow horse in a shop underground in California, called ‘Exclusive Pets Shop.’ I’m sure you would love to have a best friend for life! Everyone does.

Rainbow horses can live a very long time and could become part of your family. However, rainbow horses have to be in constant care or they could become demented! You will need to read these instructions to know how to handle these little fellas very well.


What you need: 

  • Squishy toys (their favourite toy to play with)
  • Horse brush (for their hair and tails)
  • Lots of sweets (the only food they can eat)
  • Polisher (for the hooves)
  • Water (when the horse coughs, it means they are parched)
  • Perfume


  • If your horse wanders away you can spray the perfume and with their great sense of smell, they will smell it and come back. 
  • They are only allowed sweets for their diet because they are created in a rainbow and seriously they just don’t like boring and disgusting food.
  • Rainbow horses need a horse brush because they value looking their best at all times; they don’t like to be messy all the time.
  • The only toy they can play with is squishy toys because other toys that are hard can damage the horse’s hoof if they step on one.
  • They like their hooves polished because they like shiny, colourful and cool things.


How to care for a baby rainbow horse:

First, wrap it in a towel to keep it warm.

Next, feed blended sweets in order to make it easy for it to swallow food.

Then, put it in a crib.

Finally, make sure they are cared for with love.


It is quite hard to look after a rainbow horse but as you get used to it, you will find it easier and fun!


By Ariela

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