How To Tame A Kitsune

Have you ever wanted a legendary endangered,specifically mythical, pet? If so,could you go to an ominous shop with mythical creatures called Myth Shop? Only one of the bravest and most intelligent person can handle this cute creature. You can enjoy the rest of your life with a best friend like a myth, you can even ride one! To discover, read on! A Kitsune is one of the most fabulous types of friendly mythical creatures.

On the other hand, a pet Kitsune(also known as the nine-tailed fox) is not easy to care for and you will need to follow these instructions. If you deny these instructions, you may find that your sweet Kitsune will grow up to be a savage beast.

What you need:

  • A Bright Damsel to play catch with it after it hatches out of its egg.

They can also understand that it’s their play time with their owners;A picture of what a damsel looks like.

  • A bunch of cotton candy because they will need it so they trust you that you are not harmful;
  • Juvenile Kitsune cubs need a colossal place for them to play as they are a playful kind of mythical creature;

How to raise a Kitsune:

  • First,keep the nearly hatched kit(shorter way of saying Kitsune)egg wrapped in a silky silver cloak in a box;
  • Next,be ready with the Bright Damsel because they have powers of sensing their surroundings even if they are newborn;
  • Then,as your kit’s egg is starting to hatch,quickly get all of it’s necessary things in the “big area”which you should have;
  • After that,your new pet is born so play with it,teach it to say your name and it will protect you from any kinds of dangers about the age of 4 years old.
  • Later on,your Kitsune is now about a ******************* around 9-12 years old),you should really try to develop it’s powers. It’s powers could be to generate fox-fire,time travel with their owners using their invincible tails,to fly with their owners,become invisible, make dreams come true and create illusions.
  • Finally,when they are adults,they will protect you from any harm – even if it’s to risk their lives!
  • Remember that bored Kitsunes will be extremely destructive!

Any of these mythical creatures could be purchased at the “Myth Shop” but you’d better risk your life to get there. Almost nobody went to that shop before because of it’s deadly traps. For example cartridge traps,snake pits,tiger traps,mace traps and pressure plate traps. It is believed that there can be loads of skeleton bones around since nobody has made it out so far in history. But if you did make it out,then your nine-tailed fox will have extra tails – more tails,more power! At first the kit might seem to be really playful but as they get older,they get more serious but they will still look really adorable. When they are roughly the age of an adult(18 years and over),they will be just a foot shorter than a normal adult. Adult Kitsunes can be blamed for the cause of teasing when an unknown human was found. If you noticed your Kitsune changed it’s peach skin into an albino-blue,then it means your kit is ready to protect you.

A final note of warning. Kitsunes are not just for surprises. They are for protection and your best buddy forever. As your pet is sophisticated, it will be able to fly and travel time with you. It will protect you from danger and for sure it will develop it’s main power;Fox-Fire. It’s a power to perform functional magic. The best treat for a nine-tailed fox is by brushing it’s skin with the flames of a bonfire so it will also have lightning around it to protect itself from danger. Legend says that when a Kitsune is 100 years old,they turn into a real human!

One final warning of caution:

Over the centuries,the kits have been murdered or kidnapped for only their super immortal powers;be careful of your Kitsune,or it’s going to R.I.P. Something very important about this myth is:
Don’t make them really mad,

or then they will make you feel bad.

4 Responses to “How To Tame A Kitsune”

  1. I like that you say that once the kitsune turns 100 years old it would turn into a human but I’m not sure how it will turn into one

  2. I like how you said that if you give the kitsune a bunch of cotton candy it won’t think your harmful

  3. Kitsune is the most majestic character.

  4. Is it true and real? if yes so where is this myth shop? I want to go there at any risk

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