How to train a pet Minotaur Frank SWW H

 How to look after a Minotaur

This magnificent creature is the only one of its kind and training this intriguing animal is considered to be very hard. So you have to be up for a challenge.


Though you might think that this Minotaur is a small animal, by it’s name, it is actually a monstrous creature growing up to 12ft in height.  Not only can it grow to an amazing size it’s so strong it can carry 2½ tons.


As you know a God cast a spell many years ago to make sure the Minotaur’s only eat in the Autumn.  Beware their appetite is for living meat so you better be ready to feed them otherwise you might be it’s lunch!


I do recommend this beast as they are highly intelligent so you can train them quite easily to carry out impossible tasks such as towing and carrying extremely heavy objects.



To look after and train the Minotaur you will need:

  • A big enclosure with electric fencing.
  • Ideally the enclosure would have a labyrinth, cave, some dark forest and fresh rain water.
  • Danger, Keep Out signs for fencing.
  • Living food like cows, sheep, goats and antelopes.
  • Minotaur communication book.
  • Minotaur tracker.

What to do.


You should always buy these animal when they’re young so you can gain their trust, so they do not hurt you when they are grown up.


How to gain it’s trust

You will not be strict like whipping it or other things like that, you will have to be gentle/ not to hurt it.

Otherwise when it’s older it will dominate you, or maybe even kill you.


How to train this creature.

To train it you will have to learn it’s language and be polite, not to be too aggressive.  Reward with raw chicken.  Finally I strongly suggest you purchase a good communication and training

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