how to train a pheonix

How to Look After a Pet Phoenix …


Have you ever looked after an exotic pet ? If so this is a guide to help you .This mythical creature is always female and they are normally found in a special area called the Mystical Emporium . It is a popular place to purchase these amazing animals.  You can buy a baby phoenix egg for just £5.00 and when you say you will keep it safe they would actually sell it for half price .


However – it can be a little tricky to handle a phoenix . If you don’t follow the instructions the phoenix will grow up as a ferocious beast   .


What do you do ?You should :


First, you will need to let it sniff you so it can like you .

Next, you feed it some catfish or some other fish because it might vomit  .

Then, you make it a sleep and make sure it is nice and warm .

After that,  you need to feed it again when  it wakes up .

Then finally,  you play with it daily by  a ball or a tennis ball 

Remember you should  be nice to it .


Some  mini  tips …

Tip 1 : you should give it lots of  love 

Tip 2 : make sure it likes you as you are its mother  .

Tip 3 : do whatever it  needs  and then it will grow so amazing .


If they have a habit of sleeping you should go out and  let it be active because sometimes they would snore louder than a pig’s noise .If they do not like  their sleeping area just make a cosy  den  like a dragon , pretty cool right .


The final thingI  should tell you is that they can hide away from you 


<<<THE END >>> 


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  1. WWW:I like that you added some mini tips.
    EBI: There is so much space between each paragraph so next time delete them.

  2. i liked how you added a lot of detail of what to do with it and more paragraphs

    you could improve by fixing some of the sentences, some of them don’t make sense

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