kyle and the airship


You have probably been on an airship when you remember how the air feels like waves of invisible water running around you while you put your arm out the window. and then the dog in the next window proseeds to lick your arm then you put your head out with a happy face because it was a cute doggo.


I bet you enjoyed the cute wolves running around the forest we visited. Along with the little penguins we went to see the best part was when they were on there tummies. Last sight but not least the puppies remember that dog? Well we were supposed to deliver that to the puppy center to look after them


But you should try it when the weather is much better thats when theres usually a better feeling when your warm. While your warm you can still go inside and be cold.


People say they have seen other airships but they had the enemy logo on and dragons buuut there are no dragons in the south so we knew what was up. We knew they were LIEING.


Just incase Kyle griped a rope and sung around the crows nest while swinging arround it to find anything but n-.


At that moment, a cannon ball hit the captins cove and before any more damage could hapen just that moment, the captin went under the enemies airship.


For a moment, everything was fine then they landed but the question was are we truely safe. THE END


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