Lisa & Jake’s Airship Episode 2

Episode 2- The Airship Lands
They had out-flown the sky dragons and were about 50 feet above the ground, but not for long. The enormous tear in the airship caused it to plummet down like rain, pouring from the sky. Lisa had to lean over the toilet because this was the worst she had ever felt. Meanwhile, Jake was grasping onto the radiator. He loved rollercoasters but this was no ride he’d ever been on. The wind crept in through the window. Curtains were being whipped about the place, doors snapped shut, pictures, frames and all small objects had been shoved to the ground.

Now, they were twisting and turning, only 20 feet off the ground now. They both held hands and gripped onto the beds at the same time, they were waiting for the crash…
Lisa had to adjust her eyes to the blinding brightness when she had first woken up. The sky was no longer grey and cloudy, it was a lovely pale blue and cloudless! Jake was still asleep on the soft padded grass; it was a green pillow. An array of flowers stood perfectly side by side on each corner of the walled area. Outside the wall, there was an orchard of apple trees with the most glorious juicy apples in the world.

After an hour exploring, Lisa happily skipped back to the landing destination and found that Jake was now awake too and was sitting in a colossal apple tree reading what was left of the book he’d brought on the airship holiday trip. A beautiful pastel green building was peering down at the landscape from up a huge hill. Bushes hid the pure blue lake that surrounded the castle grounds.

Only suddenly a question hit Jake’s mind; Where were all the other passengers?

2 Responses to “Lisa & Jake’s Airship Episode 2”

  1. Love that mystery ending! Make sure to put in some more amazing adjectives next time.

  2. I really like how you have used lots if ambitious vocabulary and lots of punctuation.
    Why did you choose for Hack to land in a Apple tree reading the last pages of his book.
    Tomsk this even better you could describe the bumpy ride down to the ground a bit more.

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