My dragon story part 2

​Hailey woke up, and found the ships balloon and hatches broken into pieces the propellors burning in flames scattered all around her. She could smell the fragrance of the wood burning. All around her fancy furniture and magical tools dispersed everywhere. The sound of the engine still running surprised her since she thought it would be on fire.

Hailey got up to see a massive field covered with long wavy grass, and beautifly glistening pebbles with some long outstanding roses. To the far far right, there was a small abandon village, covered with rusty metal and wooden houses torn apart. Animals swarmed the village searching for food, dying of hunger, there was cows, sheep, dogs, cats all sorts of animals!

Help me get up Hailey!” snapped Mrs Rend. Hailey slowly and carefully helped her mother up. They then gathered their things and started walking to the empty village to settle in one of the small houses. When they got there, Hailey took the map of wonders and soon realised they were just at the bottom of the Misty Mountains. “I thought we were flying near the Magical Mountains.” She thought. She started running towards the mountain remembering that there should be a tree with an old box filled with a mysterious cape of some sort. She got pushed and pulled by the howling wind snatching her energy away from her.

“Theres no point in even going there.” she said to herself. She walked miserably back to the village thinking of what she could even do with the cape if she found it. She decided to walk to the ship to grab some of the blankets from her hidden room when she suddenly smelled a pleasant scent as if there was a bakery nearby…


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  1. Amazing! This is so beautifully descriptive. I love your vocabulary choices.

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