My Sky Ship Story

As I climbed out of the boring taxi, I stared at the glorious sky ship with great curiosity, but that curiosity was then broken by the scared little voice that sounded like a vulnerable, terrified homeless boy…… well, that vulnerable terrified little boy is my brother Sam. He was complaining again that he didn’t want to go on the sky ship because it’s too scary.  He is going on that sky ship and there is nothing he can do about it.  He leaned into my arms pretending to cry, but I pushed him away as the captain bellowed our names Jennifer and Sam.  I waltzed up to him and told him with an attitude that my name is Jenny not Jennifer.  I hate it when people do that.  When my brother caught up with me I decided to be nice to him so I reassured him and said come on we will step onto the sky ship together.  Sam looked both surprised and heart warmed.  So we both stepped on the ship together.


It took me about a day for Sam and I to explore the whole sky ship and when we were done both Sam and I were exhausted and went to bed with a very happy thought in our head we are going to go on an adventure around the world.  The next day I woke up bright and early on a crisp winter’s day to the ear deafening sound of the wake-up bell. I pounced out of bed like a leaping leopard and went to go get sleepy Sap up.  Sam normally takes forever to get out of bed but today it was even worse. I was there for about 10 minutes trying to yank him out of bed; but in the end I just left him. When I trotted over to the front of the boat and took a deep long breath of the refreshing sky ship air, but that deep breath also picked up the smell of smoke. Then it hit me that wasn’t the morning bell that rung….. It was the fire bell! As quick as lightning I dashed off to go and grab Sam.  I took a long deep breath as I questioned if we would get out of this sky ship alive.  I went to enter smoky the cabin when my eyes met, a scared little who just wanted to go home. I took his hand in mine and I shouted like an elephant’s bellow, “We have to jump!”


We had no other choice smoke was rapidly bleeding out of our cabin, a face mask of ash covered our faces. I grabbed has hand and in my head I counted 1…2…3…The next thing I knew I was lying on the hard ground, the sky ship crashed to the ground a deadly noise I never wanted to hear again.  Who would do such a horrible thing… well that’s another story, for another time.

3 Responses to “My Sky Ship Story”

  1. they nice holly they good ideas amazing

  2. This is a gripping story Holly and you have described the atmosphere effectively. I like your use of repetition for effect in the first sentence. I hope the other story for another time is next week in Part 3?!

  3. Well done you have described your sky sip story very good!

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