Ready to go!

“Lets go!” exclaimed Barry, his stubby fingers grasping the door handle. “ I DON’T WANT TO GO!” screamed Phoebe, her voice was trembling. “We have to go now or we’ll miss it. COME ON!”


They rushed down the street, Barry dragging his sister behind him. Just as Barry thought his legs wouldn’t work anymore ,they saw it. Filling up the whole field, the magnificent wood planks wrapped around the oak floor, beneath the mighty zeppelin.  


“WOAH” said Barry in awe. He couldn’t believe what he had just seen, let alone that he would soon be traveling inside it for two weeks.


They went to inform the captain they were there but he was there to greet them. Captain Gerald’s big figure filled the doorway of the ship ,his beard as grey as steel. The steps to the door seemed to tremble as his big booming voice said “Welcome to the Star Grazer”


They followed Captain Gerald to their cabin, taking in the surroundings.  It looked… well marvellous.  There were pictures of all the captains there had ever been on the Star Grazer – in golden frames, their names listed below … Captain Gary Fitzgerald, Captain Tom Morris, Captain Sandra Goth.  Barry wished that one day, his picture would be there too.


In their cabin were two beds, with sheets of blue velvet as warm and comfortable as a mother’s embrace.  Maps of places Barry didn’t even know were on the walls.  Barry knew he was going to enjoy this next fortnight.  His sister’s face didn’t look quite so sure.


The engine slowly grumbled into life like a lion waking from a long slumber and everything shook.  The ship was ready to go.

9 Responses to “Ready to go!”

  1. I really like the description and the punctuation.

  2. It’s funny how barry at the start tried to pull the other person along I LOVE your story soooooo goood

  3. I like the storyline and I like how they suddenly rush at the first word

  4. Wow! This is a amazing story!

  5. Wow that is amazing

  6. i liked ” I DON’T WANT TO GO!” screamed phoebe her voice trembling. because it is very powerful

  7. Great Ideas! I love the bit where it says I don’t want to go!!!

  8. I love this can really tell that each character has their own personality, do any of these characters relate to you at all. To improve it you could put just a bit less speaking because it has a lot of punctuation, but a great story over all!

  9. I loved your description of the sky ship well done!!

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