Sky Ship lands

We all looked up and there was a swarm of dragons coming right for us. They targeted the balloon and we were all screaming. The balloon was teared and we were falling quickly. We fell into the water and most of the crew drowned immediately, but I didn’t. My friend Tom had to survive, I prayed.

We were washed up on a deserted island. I noticed there was wood and coconuts all around this island. Survival could be possible. Since we crashed, the endless supply of food we brought is at the bottom of the ocean. So we began gathering the coconuts. We could use the wood to create a boat. So Tom and I gathered that too.

We gather a lot of wood to create the oars for the boat and huge palm leaves weaved together made our sails. It wasn’t the finest ship, which we had become accustomed to, but it was sea worthy in the end. After hours of labour, we were ready to set sail.

Wrestling with the waves, in our makeshift raft, we made it to an unknown country. No-one was there so we thought the place was abandoned. Doors broken, windows shattered and houses trashed. We should escape this place, I thought instinctively, but we couldn’t because behind us golden gates had rolled in and locked. We tried to jump the fence but suddenly men with armour and pointed spears appeared. They wanted to fight me but I couldn’t; I was so weak from building the boat. At that moment, I realised that I had my majestic sword that was only meant for the worthy. It was in my hand! I attacked him.

His body evaporated into thin air. I broke the lock on the gate and we got out to our little sea vessel. Little did we know, there was much more ahead of us.

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