You’ve probably been on a skyship when the sky is cloudy and it’s hard to see, but excited about what you come across. Remember how it feels to be floating high up in the air. 


I bet you have enjoyed flying across the beach, seeing the foxes play and scavenge for food. 


But you should try a trip when the sky is dark and gloomy, where you can’t barely see anything in front of you, when the lightning erupts like a raging volcano, that’s when the skyship isn’t much fun…. 


And some say they’ve seen evil unicorns looking for people in the clouds, waiting to kidnap unwitting souls on board. You also probably won’t believe this but some people say invisible ghosts jump out of the clouds and scare people to death. 

One Response to “Stargrazer”

  1. your work was amaizing i love the way you have put it together there is one thing that might need fixing but there isnt a need to get anouyed but the sentence were you cant barley see anything could you change cant to can just because cant doesnt really go with the sentence but can might make better sense

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