Stargrazer – Skyship Adventure


Alfie Swarbrick

On a warm summer’s day, Alfie and his friend Liam set off on a skyship adventure. Alfie was a little scared but Liam was not scared.

“It’s ok,” said Liam as he reassuringly patted Alfie on the shoulder. Alfie looked up in determination,

“Yes,” Alfie thought, he was excited to see the dragon. Quickly, they set off and Alfie looked at the map and pointed ‘east’ to show that was the direction they were going.

They guessed they were about half way to their initial destination, so they sat down to eat a sausage roll from their packed lunch. Suddenly, Alfie heard a high pitched roar. Alfie gulped as he grabbed his sword he had made (The Infinity Blade) with a trembling hand. It was finally time to use it. Menacingly, the dragon swooped down towards the ship, it scraped the base with its long, sharp talons. Alfie let out an almighty screech of fear, “Help!” Again, and again the dragon scraped at the skip, trying to smash the solid glass windows. The boys knew they had to do something about it, but what?

For a moment, the dragon paused and fell silent. Alfie wondered if it has disappeared. Then they looked up towards to sky and decided it was time to move on. Without a second thought, they commanded the Piolet to get them to safety .Then they saw a nest full of baby dragons

All of a sudden, a storm approached the ship “GO, GO  ,GO “, said Alfie and Liam then they followed the dragons and the dragons went into a cave. With a crash, the ship landed on a sand dune the sand hot as molten lava they were sweating and coughing as pure yellow sand creeped up there nostrils.

2 Responses to “Stargrazer – Skyship Adventure”

  1. It is a good story but triy not to yuse spich at the start of a sentons.

  2. Marie
    It’s good but in the beginning you could of added more details on the opener and also, I think you should of said wasn’t scared. But the rest is amazing

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