The adventures of Captain Jake by Jaidan W

Episode 2: The Crash-Landing

The sails are being torn by the breaking branches of the trees as the skyship plummets to the rough ground of a dense, dark forest below. It Hits the ground hard with a loud CRACK and suddenly, the forest falls silent.

Captain Jake climbs down to the ground to look at the aftermath of the fall; the damage is unrepairable. By now, Carl has also climbed down with his knees trembling and soup  splatted all over him!

Dusk creeps in as the Sun crawls off behind the tall trees of this strange place. Where ever they are, it doesn’t seem like a nice place to have to live in. There are rats scuttling around and spiky bushes almost everywhere. The ground is wet and muddy and there is plenty of strange-smelling fungus in all shapes and sizes.

Suddenly, Carl freezes in terror “What was that noise?”

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