The adventures of two kittens continued… ‘Robomobile Lands’

On the fast flight the two kittens heard a loud beeping noise, the engine had no fuel. The problem was they didn’t have a fuel can, they were in big danger. “What can we do?” asked the dragon.

The two kittens were hurrying to find fuel with no luck. They had no choice but to parachute out, scared to see another giant!

Suddenly, the ship came crashing down, they nervously got the parachutes and started jumping. They landed safely on the bumpy ground but the Robomobile did not. It was broken, they were all crying because they couldn’t go on another exciting adventure.

In the distance stood a tiny cottage built in to the hill, they were quite excited to find out what it could be.

A mysterious creature tiptoed out and led them in to his house.

2 Responses to “The adventures of two kittens continued… ‘Robomobile Lands’”

  1. I love your ideas James and I love your first line is amazing well done

  2. I love your story, it is very interesting and descriptive.

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