The air-ship

Remember how it feels to see the sun? It’s like you have probably been on an airship when the sunset is amazing.. Blazing hot temperatures that might make you feel like you are inside sun its self! I bet you’re gonna love, going on an adventure on a ship like why wouldn’t you? It would be amazing! Imagine all the cool stuff that can happen! I even bet you’ve enjoyed being in the air. But you should also try skydiving onto earth. I feel like so much stuff can happen! And you might want to try, going around the world. I wonder what’s going on in California, and other countries too!!

Some say they’ve seen snow, it can weaken the wood on the ship which causes it to soak and that is something we will not want to happen. And some others say they’ve seen, icicles that will snipe through like a spike. But then…  Lio gripped onto the skyship with fear racing into his body, Lio glared at his brother, Hewa who was grinning as the sky ship bounced, jumped and fell off.

The ship had set off a few days earlier heading for asgard but a mighty lighting and storm had blown them far far away from the route.  At that moment, the captain jumps in alerting everyone. Also at that moment, the storm was pausing them in time, they couldn’t do much..

For a moment, the skyship was immune to damage. For the second of the frame he was at, the skyship is stuck safe. As he was stuck in time for a split second, he was safe for that exact moment. For a moment, he was inside of safety… A 100th of a second later, he was outside of safety.

As the skyship was under attack, he was about to fall off…
Silence had reminded, what had happened next..?

2 Responses to “The air-ship”

  1. Good use of rhetorical questions and amazing vocabulary!!!!

  2. I like this story because it has lots of detail and description.

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