The airship has landed

Yasmine stared in terror, as she saw that the air-ship has landed. It was really early in the morning so about 8:40 am, she got dressed to explore this unusual place. She got her kit ready with a flash light, two coats just in case one gets muddy or just for a spear one. Yasmine put on her favourite discovering boots and a big hat to protect her head.


Yasmine noticed she was on a little island with not many things on their, she tried too see if captain Luke was around but it turned out she was alone all by herself, there was a lot of bugs, insects, and some crabs walking along the sand.


She hopped out of the airship and went straight into the forest to explore it. Yasmine could see a lot of branches sticking out of the trees and little bugs climbing and crawling up the trees. Thorns pinching her hair as she gets stuck to them.


Until she heard a dreadful sound coming from the deep end of the forest. It sounds like a mysterious creature, she could hear the creature getting closer, and closer, and closer until she can see its dark red tail with a little arrow on the end like a dragon’s tail


She looked up and down until it was in front of Yasmine, she was so invested that she forgot to take a picture or just RUN away, after 10 minuets she ran straight back to the air-ship locking the door and moving heavy things like cabinets so she is locked in and safe so the gloomy dragon couldn’t get in.


It has been 1 full hour and it seemed like it was safe to take away all the things away from the door, eventually captain tom and his crew came back and we was all safe.


It got so close Yasmine could practically see this monster’s body, she knew she would only have a couple of minutes to run back to the air-ship but she was so invested in this creature she wanted to stay and get a good glance of this creature and take a quick photo of it to show the overs when they come back.


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