The Airship Lands

“Hold on Tom”, Jim yelled as the stargrazer started to drop down to earth. As the ship landed with a sudden jolt the headlights shone brightly on the freshly laid snow making it glisten with blinding colours. ” I wonder where we are Tom?” said Jim. As they looked around their new surroundings all they could see was a sea of tall green trees swaying around them in the gentle breeze. ” lets go and look around before the sunsets” said Tom. Jim grabbed his compass and binoculars while Tom reached for the torch and axe. The pair set off, they went in a northly direction ploughing through the deep untouched snow. As they ventured through the dense forest they could hear a birds cry in the distance. They walked further following the beckoning sounds which lead them to a clearing in the trees and there stood an entrance to a cave. The pair then looked at each other with inquisitive eyes wondering if it was safe for them to enter. The cave stood with cobwebs draping from the roof and was camouflaged in green mold. Tom pulled out his torch and shined it onto the inside walls of the cave, as they stepped forward into the cave they were greeted with a stale smell. Tom wondered slowly into the cave he heard a scratching on the stone floor then as he glanced up he saw….



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