The airship lands

The air ship lands

Dave stared, in the distance he could see a tower of rocks and part of it was breaking apart and when it hit the ground it sounded like an asteroid about to impact on the stone ground. Daisy, who was  Dave’s twin sister, was shivering everytime the rocks hit the ground. But she wasn’t bothered, she was just staring at the emerald green sky. While it was snowing, out the corner of his eye, Dave noticed people pointing at an alien invading the area with a herd of cows behind him. He tried to tell Daisy but she wouldn’t listen.

Later on that day, another alien appeared with a cluster of horses behind him, but Dave did not spot him. it was Daisy who spotted him. Suddenly, the 2 aliens disappeared and they reappeared right next to each other. Dave and Daisy looked at each other in shock, both thinking that they caused this ultimate battle. And then a massive UFO came from the sky and inside was another alien with a group of pigs behind him. invading earth.

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