The Alia

I bet you have been on a sky ship. WHAT! You haven’t? Then you must have seen one. Still no? Then I must tell you what it’s like because, if that’s the case, then you’ve probably never even heard of the most famous ship, the ALIA. When you’re on a sky ship you feel the warm breeze on your body, and it whistles like a happy tune. Then when you feel down in the dumps a little walk on the wings will brighten any future.  

When I go on a sky ship adventure, I’m always excited to jump off the wings into the sea just before landing or eating my best friend’s best dish. We all have jobs on the ship, but everybody is full of spirit as we do it together, as a team. Most of the time we work but when we have our few breaks everybody goes to the library to read or the kitchen to stuff their greedy faces with cupcakes. 

 Even though a sky ship adventure is mostly exquisite, sometimes {when the wind is horrific} we get blown off course and the wind gets angry so we have to go down for landing. That is when everybody goes glum because the feeling of wasting time is defining. So, everybody learns to cook. Yay. Not. 

 Some people say that they have seen dinosaurs and dragons but I bet they haven’t. Even when everybody else lies about their adventure I do not. I have seen many things on my travels, never quite as weird as you are about to hear, however.

“Are you okay Stacy?” Kristy asked suspiciously. 

 “Okay I guess but I can’t stand the way this boat thing keeps turning,” she replied. Kristy gave Stacy a knowing look. “It is a sky ship.” So, the two girls walked down the corridor to try and get some sleep not knowing what lies ahead. 

 BANG! “Kristy, I am trying to sleep here” Whispered Stacy in her sleepiest voice. “Hey, it wasn’t me girl.” They both stared at each over and ran to the front of the deck. “What happened captain and was that a dino tail?”   

Captain was so startled he couldn’t help but scream. “I mean no it’s sky pirates!” While the friends tried to figure out what he meant, Captain pointed to a crumbly ship above them. Then shooed them to their places on the ship. “WE NEED TO FIRE.”  

 Even though the girls were quite fast, they weren’t fast enough because soon after they heard a mighty BANG, and they went DOWN and DOWN and DOWN. The sky pirates had won, or had they? Then, without warning, Kristy fired a bomb right for the sky pirates. IT HIT THEM RIGHT ON THE SAIL. They were gone and team were partying because they had forgotten that they had lost too.   


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