The Angel- Chapter 2

5 minutes later, Max face turned up side down when he finally realized he said,” oh no go let me not see him!”

“Don’t worry Max I don’t think we are having him to drive the ship” said Maria. “Oh no guys your wrong I’m driving this ship alright”. “What!” They both shouted at the same time.

After a while they started to look around into the kitchen on top of the table there was a welcome gift by their father who couldn’t be there because he was on a business trip. There was a letter with some chocolates the letter said “To my dearest children I can’t come with you but I want to send lots of love, Papa”.

Soon the ship started moving they ran to the seats so they don’t fall. Hours later, Max looked out the window watching the sun set go down happy to hear the owls hooting very soon.

Later in the night, when everyone was sleeping a green very ugly goblin came from the basement looking for food. They woke up to see all the food gone! They saw there was a simmering, dark blue dragon with its teeth out and claws ready to strike. They got a sword and a fight began the dragon had popped a hole in the balloon holding the sky ship up.

A day pasted, everything was going bad they couldn’t help that it was going more than 200mhp. Maria woke up in a farm it was quiet. Minute’s later it started to rain really heavy she hid under a bit of the sky ship that broke off. She looked to find Max and the captain but to Maria’s surprise Max is gone! She looked everywhere but she can’t find him! But she did find a letter from Captain saying “I’m off to find things to fix the sky ship I’ll be back later”.

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