The Buzz Lighning

The frying hot sun was shimmering and barreled over their very heads. May looked over to Jackie and she was still fast asleep. All she could think about was what this day would bring to them. Their ship was quite spectacular and had black and yellow stripes surrounding everything. It had an upper deck which would be used for steering the ship and the lower deck was for storage and cooking.


Minutes later, surprised, Jackie woke up and immediately ran downstairs for her morning cereal. Out of the blue, May rushed in and yelled “There is something clinging onto the side of the ship!” They both ploughed up the trembling stairs to the upper deck. Suddenly, the thing, or whatever it was, catapulted itself and scattered behind a barrel filled to the brim with treasure from May’s past adventures. It was vibrant blue with black ebony spots rampaging up his paws.


Suddenly disaster struck! Dull grey clouds were caving over them like water filling up in a glass. May and Jackie were quickly preparing for a crash. Without worrying about the monkey, May and Jackie were petrified. They had never ever experienced anything like this before. BAM! They were dropping like the speed of lightning. Moments later, they had fallen onto land. They hadn’t even realized that they had flown over it. Slowly they stepped out but what they saw next will change everything…

3 Responses to “The Buzz Lighning”

  1. I really like the punctuation that you have done and good job with the full stops and capital letters

  2. This is an exciting story Kika, but check the spelling in you title; is Buzz Lightning the name of your skyship?

  3. I like your story

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