The Clock- Work Fox

The forest gleamed with light, forming shadows from behind the trees. I ran back to the village expecting the chief elf to be in the grand hut, which was only bigger by two meters, but instead a silent shape creeped  on the wooden floor. I drew my bow and fired carefully at the distant shape. Suddenly, it ran for a gap in the door as fast as a  lightning dragon. I sped for my hut, grabbing my adventure kit and flik-wick the gliding squirrel. The sky- ship had runes engraved deeply into its bow and mast.  It shuddered violently as it lifted up into the pink sky. I could see everything from up here, a rare grey unicorn, the waterfall gleaming brightly in the sunlight and my den hidden in the woods because it was a place for peace and endangered animals to live. Then I saw it.

A Clock-work Fox.

One Response to “The Clock- Work Fox”

  1. I love the scary writing. This is a brilliant story

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