The cloud sailer Airship adventures

Jasmine and Max were clinging on to the side of the ship feeling their hair fly up as the air pushed the ship down to the rustic sand. Jasmine and Max had been so excited for this trip and now it was all going downhill. The twins closed their eyes as a rush of sand sprinkled into their eyes. The ship came down with a thud and the twins stared around rubbing their eyes trying to get the sand to crawl out 

When they had finally got the sand out of their eyes, they realised that they had landed in the middle of a dead, sandy desert the twins looked around horrified and shocked how had they ended up in the middle of a dessert when they were heading to a mountain?  

Max sat down and got down to rest his head when he felt Jasmine slapping his leg and saying, “what are you doing Max we are stranded in the middle of a desert and you’re lying down!” Max groaned and got up “but we aren’t alone! we have captain O’ sea and lookout Sarah Oh and chef mason so we will be fine” he said. But then they looked around and thought where are they? 

Jasmine and Max Searched in every room on the ship until they saw a note that said: 

Jasmine and Max do not be alarmed if you can’t find me and the crew, we are out trying to find some help so that we can get back into the skies! You will find your belongings in the cupboard in the office, but you won’t need them as we will be back in a jiffy!  

From Captain O’ Sea and the crew 

The twins were relieved and they both went into the living room to relax as they waited for the captain to arrive. Hours passed then it had nearly been an entire day, Jasmine and Max decided to go to sleep to rest because they were sure the Captain would be back by sunrise. The next day the twins woke up with excitement as they rushed to the office to say good morning to Captain O’ Sea But silence greeted them as they rushed in, the twins looked everywhere but he was nowhere to be found. Jasmine ushered Max into the cupboard to get their belongings and they both stared at mountains of luggage Jasmine mumbled, “I guess we really will have to decide If you could bring ten items to a desert what would you bring”.        



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  1. I like how you have left it at a bit of a cliff hanger. Why are the characters called what they are called?
    To make this even better you should have asked a rhetorical question to make it better.

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