The Dagger Spider

How to tame a Dagger Spider

Would you ever want to keep an eight legged pet? The Dagger Spider is hard to keep because it can slash through its bars.

What you need: an indestructible cage, dagger proof gauntlets and unbreakable leash.

What you need to know

1) This spider is very deadly if not treated well. The spider is very happy with exercising toys. These include a tiny treadmill and eight 100 gram weights.

2) At meal times you feed him sardines and the Dagger Spider chops the sardines into centimetre cubes

The last thing, make sure that the Dagger Spider is asleep and can not escape otherwise it could kill you!



One Response to “The Dagger Spider”

  1. This is a very nice piece of work I love how you listed about the dagger spider and what needs to happen with it, very well done!

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