P.T1 The captain steered through the cold breezy wind. Tyson and is brother chandler sat down in the strong wooden seats as they knew what the consequence was of the fact they where in the hands of the pilot and if the ship fell they would only have themselves to blame. Tyson become more and more certain that he wasn’t to be trusted now walking up to him with chandler. Before they got to the wheel where the captain was steering they heard a noise like a million giant rocks was about to be toppled on there heads. The rocks where coming from every angle having to duck on every noise of causing the end of them. They realized the rocks felt like they where being thrown not fallen naturally but the rocks caused the bottom off the ship to crumble having to watch there step. They tried to lift the rock already knowing this could not have been a human throwing the rocks…….surely a dragon could though. The captain saw there faces and saw that they weren’t right and threw the binoculars  over to them so they could see for sure if they where right about the dragons destroying the ship. They where surprisingly right seeing nothing but a jade green dragon and a ruby red one with there mouths full of fire and rocks in there grip.

P.T2 The boys were afraid out of there minds but somehow chandler how this started. Earlier that day they where safely kept under the ship and the pilots and crew where at the top and me and chad where playing a game we made up called “fortunate events” It was a game that absolutely nothing was possible but the name creeps us out. Somehow all the events happened the mossy rocks being thrown by the dragons but one event hasn’t came true yet regretting even making the game………..death.

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