The ominous blizzard dragon episode 2

Finally, a green healthy land. They didn’t know what it was called but they entered regardlessly. However, Tommy didn’t think it was a good idea to enter this mysterious land. At that moment, Marie saw some gloomy smoke in the distance slithering towards them. Tommy just noticed what it was . It was a blizzard dragon coming their way. Marie’s dad showed them the way underneath the wet grassy land , above  where they were earlier. Marie’s dad was staying outside with a bloody spiky sword  standing like a flamingo sleeping.

Marie ran to grab her dad. With a grip, Marie pulled her dad to where all of the others were standing worrying about what will happen to them. Marie’s dad said “why did you do that I was going to stab the beast like you did last time when that happened. Marie said that was because I had the biggest and better sword like you did just did not, and it’s gone now it broke when I freed it out of my hands. But then Marie thought for a second she ran out of the area she was at. The blizzard dragon nearly wrecked everything in site! Then with a glimpse the blizzard dragon saw Marie and used its blood shot eyes to scare here away but it didn’t work. Marie was fearless. What would happen to her next?














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  1. Very good vocabulary, also a good choice for a cliffhanger.

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