The rise of dragon queen

Trudging through the snowy atmosphere at dawn, is when we saw the tall, glistening tower. It was like a towering tree guarding it’s surroundings. The closer we got the more nerve wracking it seemed. Stewart was suddenly cold-shouldering Fluer.”Why are you so grumpy?” asked Fluer. As she tossed her long red locks around. “Sister just leave me alone”, roared Stewart. Then they fell silent. The tower was talking in a herendous voice.”What do seek you piddling pair of pests?” it boomed. “Okay then this is creepy,”stuttered Fluer. ROARRR!!!!! There was a zombie-green looking dragon with crystal clear eyes so that it could see everything. It’s tail was covered in thick, gooey slashes. “Help me “,it squealed in a high-pitched voice….

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