The Sky Ship

Odette sat in her room looking at her packed suitcases. Her jam-packed backpack was placed beside her. Muffin, her pet crocodile (1 years old) was sleeping on the end of her sheetless bed. She was going on a skyship with two of her friends, Mila and Anastacia. She walked solemnly to her window thinking about the weather being rainy and foggy , to her surprise she saw it was a sunny morning. The sun was rising behind the forest she used to play outside with her family. It was a priority for generations to come. The village believes that when a girl turns 17 they must go on a life changing adventure. The starship was being finished while Odette collected her friends from their houses.

She gulped, her face was pale, she stared out the window ignoring everything her friends were talking about. Muffin was curled up on her lap snoring loudly like a leaf blower. “Odette, earth to Odette”  Her mother was talking loudly. She had arrived at the air dock. Odette suddenly noticed that she wasn’t in a dream. All her bags were being carried onto the ship. Muffin woke with an exasperating yawn. “ Come on, put the lead on Muffin. people want to see you before you leave my sweetheart”  her mother said in a sugar coated voice.

2 Responses to “The Sky Ship”

  1. Georgia Winton Primary February 25, 2021 at 1:26 pm

    I love this! Especially the layout and how it flows. Where did you get the names from?

  2. Amelia and Karleigh February 25, 2021 at 2:20 pm

    We liked how you said that it wasn’t a dream and that it was real. We also liked that you had a pet crocodile. When you boarded the ship, what happened to Muffin?

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