The Skyship Adventure

The Skyship Adventure

Without Warning, the ship lifted and began to go. The ship shook rapidly and off we were. Out of the blue, a cloudy bright sky occurred but then minutes later a down pour came. I grabbed the railing, my knuckles turned white. Frost made my finger and toes rust. We sailed through an enchanted neverland.

I saw rivers and towns. Suddenly, we went beside a cloud and through a forest. In the distance, I took my eyes upon a volcano. The ship started swaying left, right, left, right. We started to go downwards. All of a sudden, we started to rise higher and higher and back through the clouds. The ship immediately started drifting down towards a strange place. We landed with a crash and everyone was smaller than me, trees were about my size the sky was so tall though. It was a strange village with butchers, tailors and launderettes. The trains were tiny. Oh no! I smelt burning and another smell that I wasn’t familiar with, but it was horrid. The wind howled and began to pick up rapidly. It was getting worse.

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