The Solar Array (part 2)

Part 2


As they came back to consciousness, Isla and Jack realised that this new world, or at least this part of it was very much like a tropical rainforest that you could find on Earth. A few months back Isla had been to the Amazon rainforest, and she remembered that there the air was thick and her sweat made her shirt cling, though here the air was easy to breathe, and if anything she was slightly cold. When Jack looked at the still slightly smouldering sky ship a look of despair planted itself on his face. Isla caught his expression and she no longer wanted to look at the sky ship but she had to.


Black was the one who nudged her to look at the sky ship, she studied it carefully, the satellite dish was smashed, some of the iron had crumpled even though it was half a metre thick, the engine was unfixable at least for her and Jack, the tracker was in shards but worst of all there wasn’t even a drop of fuel. The only upsides were that they could eat and drink the food and water in the pantry, and they could still access their cabins.


Jack grabbed the translator from his pocket and tugged at Isla’s hand, he explained his plan to Isla, that they would go into the forest to look for the Alpokka tribe of aliens that travelled the solar system non-stop. Isla agreed as Jack explained that they were traders that would surely help them if they showed the aliens the ruby’s hey had in case they had to bribe themselves out of trouble (which was pretty much what they needed).Isla had the idea to leave a rope trail behind them so they would be able to get back. So they set off with a plan. Half an hour later, after they had walked a mile or two, they reached the camp of the Alpokka aliens and were greeted with curiosity and interest. Midway through conversation they all heard a loud bang! Smoke filled the air…


3 Responses to “The Solar Array (part 2)”

  1. This is a gripping and well crafted story Sophie, well done. I especially like the introduction of the Alpokka aliens who may help them before your cliffhanger…

    • I decided that it was imaginative to have aliens in the story that were good and bad, as it would make it more exiting than having them being have humans, as humans would probably understand them and know what they were doing to some extent.

  2. What gave you the idea of the name ‘Alpokka aliens’? It sounds slightly mysterious.

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