The story of the AIRSHIP!

Evie, Mile and Zara are trying to cross the unstable bridge, to reach the airship which was on the other side of the cliff. The uncertainly of what was going to happen was making them anxious. On top of that the wing was gushing through them like a roller-coaster! Ammarah is worried that something might happen to them. She tried to hold the old bridge still but it was too HEAVY! she felt like crying a life with no siblings isn’t fun.

“My heart feels like it is going to jump out of my chest!” cried Evie. “Mine too” Added on Mile, Zara wasn’t frightened at all! She was just walking like nothing was happening.

Suddenly, the airship automatically started to move! it started to land, It took us to the desert of DOOOOOOOM! They saw snakes, camels centipede and lizards.

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