The winter sky ship journey opening

You have probably been on an airship when sitting in the  gigantic and apricot yellow sun while twinkling.

Remember how it feels to feel the great breeze surrounding you from above in the huge grey clouds.

I bet you’ve enjoyed looking at crystal lakes shining below or the sun setting down below,

 and staring at colorful trees.

But you should also try staying away from hailstones as hard as rocks and the weather which is the worst.

When the weather is bad and this can get you frostbite and other multiple illnesses such as cold.

And some say they’ve seen dragons, gigantic snow owls, sky pirates, alive clouds, flying bats, invisible sky ships.

At that specific moment, the clouds were aggressive, it was chaos. The good thing was it hadn’t struck the sky ship just in time the captain stirred it. 

For a moment, not everyone was positive as usual. They were shocked as a typical mum in the kitchen. Not even everyone had full positive thoughts. It was more like the opposite.

 A moment later, as the sky ship descended and gilded.Where was it how big was it where did it live nobody knows. All that remained was where did the celestial dragon live.

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