Tips on how to look after your pet dragon.

If you are hoping to catch and look after a rare specie such as a: unicorn, dragon, trolls, elves and many more then read on. You will find more about the rare creatures and their life styles.  So your hoping to catch a dragon and adopt it, well things don’t sound as good as they seen and this is differently true with dragons.  These animals will never in your life-time make you bored, but they will make you tired after a long hard day at work.  Read on to learn more facts about dragons and maybe then you will be able to look after a dragon or any other rare animal.

You will need: lots of storage for food, a dragon dens ( it will be safer to have more than one ) and a collar that can detect where the animal is no matter how far away.

Step one: Make sure you have ALL of it’s favourite food and back up (dragons can be feisty when it comes to their meals or their snacks).  If you don’t know the dragons diet then your in luck because I can tell you. Their diet contains the following: fire peppers, mangos, hot hot hot chillies, rats covered in chocolate, raspberry red pie, sausages and we can’t forget the sweets or we might be as dead as the rats! To feed the rare animal and not get eaten yourself follow these instructions:

First, prepare the food whilst the dragon is distracted in it’s den.
Next, don’t put it on a plate just put it on the ground, the dragon will be way happier and so will you because you don’t have to pick up shattered plates everyday.
Then, do not pick up the bones or anything until you know 100% your pet has finished their meal or snack.
After that, give then their desserts ( 50 – 500 pies will do ) no matter if he ate his vegetables i.e. mangos or not.

Step two: To make sure no one takes your dragon have a collar handy. Dragons can escape and can fly  to anywhere in the world so when your little pets learn to fly these collars will come in handy to ensure there is no getting away.  These collars are made by a professional dragon hunter, they are designed to let the dragons back into the wild but track their every move so everyone can learn more about them.  However now they are used to track down your pet dragon so when they fly away thinking there is freedom you will know where they are.  Recent studies show that even though the animals are used to the wild, they will miss their home comforts and  they get lonely so every time they stray away they will come back for the pies and your company.

Dragons are very hard work although there are things to help you these day with their care. All the hard work and dedication you put into your dragon is definitely worth all the time and effort as you will never find a more loyal, protective and fun pet to have in your whole life.

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