To look after a pixie-The guide

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have the coolest pet on the block? If so the Pixie is the perfect pet for you. You will always be entertained.

Although a pet pixie is very small, they can get very wild if you don’t follow these instructions properly. If the instructions are ignored your pet will become a tiny troublemaker!

Handy Tools – A bush of blueberries, fairy dust, posh pixie parlour and a temper trainer toy. All of these should be available at where you can get all your pixie supplies.

What To Do

Your pet pixie will usually stay in its posh pamper parlour because it likes attention. If it is let out for exercise use blueberries to tempt it back to you.

Pixie meal times can be very funny, if you laugh though, they will throw an epic temper tantrum. This is where the temper trainer toy comes in. Please ensure you have it at all times in case this should happen. Hold it out and they will come to it. When they hug it, the toy will change them into a good mood and they will love you again.

In The Parlour

In the posh pamper parlour there need to be certain objects kept such as:

  • Fairy Dust
  • Chopped up blueberries (For them to eat at meals or snacks)
  • Awards from competitions (To make them feel confident)
  • Pictures of you with them

Final note of Caution

Pixies love anything pretty so keep any jewellery in the drawer because they are really good at finding out passwords to safe but they can’t open drawers.




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