Vanquishing the vile Voblots

The time has come, with the wind blowing in Bella’s hair. This was the first time the country would ever see what was beyond are homeland, beyond the cloudy mist. What could go wrong?Everyone on the dock where waving. Her adventure from Neverland was starting this was going to be the journey of her life.

The blimp had a wooden floor (so it was easy to clean up if there was a storm) The gargantuan balloon was purple as purple is a colour of independence, pride and wisdom. The people were waving and shouting as we were going to find out what was going on beyond Neverland. The captain was in a red sort of cap. So off we go. In the blimp.

Along the horizon, a rifle of stars lifted the sky with light. The shot of dark came closer like it was talking but in a panicky way. You could hear the fire of the balloon pushing its energy out into the air. Captain came up to Bella whilst she was in bracing the view before she would go off to the safety of her cabin under the main deck. Well, she thought she was safe. Before she saw that



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