Where I am

As Noah grabbed my arm I saw the sky grazer fall to the ground and lets just say the sky grazer was no longer here. I looked around me and saw a stone tower with moss reaching to the golden prize. Me and Noah grabbed our bags filled to the brim with our most loved belongs and held them close, I saw a house with a steaming chimmney that held warmth and comfort, “Noah… Noah” I whispered as pirated murmered unbearible things “what do you want know?” He said tiredly “thanks for saving me mate earlier mate and also look” I pointed the house in his direction. We started to walk thats when i saw IT.

One Response to “Where I am”

  1. i love the suspense at the end it really left an amazing cliff hanger my question is where you got the inspiration for it or did you just think of it i think maybe you could add more description about the soke or how the ship went down. overall great

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