Where my sky-ship landed

It was quite late when the sky-ship landed. When it came down, Emily stepped out onto a hard rocky floor. She did not have a clue where she was and she was frightened. Emily started to go through all the places that she may be. Maybe a volcano, or a mountain or even a cave. She did not know. All she knew was that the trees were swaying, the air smelled of fire (although she could not see one) and that there was a small river at the end of the forest.  And also it did  not help that the captain was a green goblin with warts on his face. Emily did not feel the least bit protected. The captain goblin was moving round, watching all the birds fly past. “You look a bit scared,” exclaimed the goblin. “Yes, I am!” said Emily. “I`ll help you. Even if I am a goblin, I am kind,” and at that moment, Emily felt safe.

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