The Phantom Dragon

The Phantom Dragon 


This beast may sound all scary but it is a very friendly dragon the only reason it has a ghostly name is because it can travel through walls but the only thing it can’t travel through is iron. Many say this dragon is evil but it is not because it can’t lift anything. The main reason this is an unpopular dragon is because it is almost identical to the wall jumper dragon that jumps through walls to scare people another reason is for their translucent red glow. Their only ability to move things is by using their possession powers that lets him control dragons and humans. This is one of the best dragons for fighting as it could get another dragon to do what it wanted and it could not be hurt by anything or anyone. They are immortal, unlike other dragons they can’t be tamed because they don’t need to be, they decide who their owner is. In the night this dragon is most scary as its eyes glow neon red but you should not fear as they protect their homeland mainly in the UK at night. You should never approach a Titan  Wing Phantom Dragon as they are very aggressive, the only way to tell them apart is by the teeth Titan ones have large sabertooth like teeth but the normal ones have short shark like teeth. Another thing to note is underwater these look like extremely large axolotls and lastly their diet is ectoplasm and plasma

5 Responses to “The Phantom Dragon”

  1. I like this work since it has plenty of good and descriptive language, you may be able to improve some of your adjectives, for example, “extremely large axolotls”, you could use words like colossal or enormous.

  2. I think you should give more description on how this dragon is evil or not, with the red glowing eyes in the night, and going through walls, makes them sound evil, and protecting their territory is normal, but if someone comes across them as they are guarding p, would they be chased?

  3. I like your work because there is lots of good description and good sentences. You could improve by doing more commas and capital letters because the sentences are a bit too long.

  4. WOW great job Ro I love it but there is one thing It is Brilliant

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