My Sky Ship Adventure Story – Chapter 1

One day two girls called Chloe and Sally decided they wanted to have an adventure. They were best friends. So they took the key to Chloe’s skyship and walked out the back door. Just as they were walking out, Chloe’s little brother Own ran after them and shouted, “Wait, I want to come!!”
“No.” said Chloe sternly. “You’re too little.” she continued as she and Sally walked off. But Owen didn’t give up. While Chloe was showing the gaping Sally her skyship, Owen snuck in and hid behind some barrels. “looks like I got here just in time” he thought as the skyship started to lift off. Not too long after they had set off they found themselves in a land called Spinkarus. “Uh oh” said Chloe.
“What are you saying uh oh for?” questioned Sally.
“I’m saying uh oh because we’re in Spinkarus” replied Chloe.
“So?” exclaimed Sally.
“Only the bravest people explore in Spinkarus as legend says it is haunted by big, red, fire-breathing dragons!” said Chloe dramatically.
Sally gasped and said “We should go home.”
“No way!” shouted Chloe. “It’s probably just a myth anyway.” she said as she turned her back on Sally to face the wheel.

Suddenly Sally screamed. Chloe looked over her shoulder to see what was wrong. Hovering there was a dragon! A big, red, fire-breathing dragon that was rocking the Pegasus wildly. “Quick, get behind me!” Chloe shouted.

Suddenly Owen ran out from behind the barrels and said “Big Sis, Big Sis, let me help!”
“OWEN!?” shouted a surprised Chloe. “I told you not to come!’ she continued.
“But I wanted to!” he said.
“Of course you did. Now get behind me, we will talk about this later.” Chloe replied. And with that said she sprayed the dragon with dragon repellent spray.

As soon as the dragon left, a bad-tempered Chloe ordered “We are going to land this thing at once.” As soon as she said this Sally told Owen to go and stand in the corner of the skyship while she landed it. No one wanted to mess with Chloe when she was in a bad mood. Soon the skyship was floating down to land but Owen had a question that no one else did. And that question was “Where are we going to land?”

4 Responses to “My Sky Ship Adventure Story – Chapter 1”

  1. Nice! But you might need less speech at the start.

  2. Amelia and Mia March 18, 2021 at 2:26 pm

    I love this story I love the mystery in the story!

  3. This first part of the story is so descriptive. I love your words that you use and the punctuation and the I can’t wait for the next story you do!

    • I agree! Very descriptive and eye-carching, although, the first time you mentioned Owen, you missed the ‘e’ out. Good work, though!!!!!

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