My Sky Ship Adventure Story – Chapter 2

All was going smoothly when suddenly the skyship started to judder and shake. “Oh no!” said Chloe “The engine has run out of fuel. We’re going to crash!!” she shouted. The Pegasus was hurtling towards the ground. Chloe looked down. They seemed to be heading towards a desert with sand dunes and a temple. “Hold tight!” Chloe shouted “We’re going to have a bumpy landing!”

With a loud thump the airship landed. Slowly they all came out of their hiding places. Pwen had hid in the storage cupboard, Chlow had hidden behind a wooden pillar and Sally had hidden behind a barrel. They stood up and stared around, taking in the strange scenery.
“I wonder where we are?” said Sally.

Dotted around were big, towering sand dunes and beautiful temples that looked as if someone lived in them. Next to a temple was a lion statue. “Cool, that lion looks so realistic!” said Owen. Chloe ignored him. In the distance, there was a strong wind blowing the sand around. “Let’s hope that bad weather doesn’t come over here.” said Chloe. Since it was noon and the sun was at it’s highest, everything glinted like gold and Sally, Chloe and Owen were in awe.

While they were exploring Owen saw his chance to escape his boredom so he ran over to the lion statue. He took in everything about it. When he finished he was about to climb onto it but before he could do so, the lion leant forward and swallowed him whole!!

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  1. I like this! The end is a bit scary, but I can’t wait for chapter 3!

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