The pearl white dragon by Jessy

Mary and Thomas looked around the cave. Shadows enveloped them as they searched further back. Between two rocks, there were jewels glimmering in the sliver of light coming from a **** in the walls. On the roof of the cave, cold water was dripping down slowly, each drop creating an echo. As they carried on to the back of the cave, something caught Mary’s eye; a small black box with tiny holes in. She opened it up and she couldn’t believe what met her eyes…

A small white creature with eyes like an opal was staring back at her. It was a baby dragon. Mary carefully scooped it up into her hand. It was barely the size of her palm.

“Thomas we found it!” cried Mary, stroking the dragons smooth scales.

“Great! Let’s get out of here before the tide comes in though,” suggested Thomas, starting to walk towards the exit. Mary followed, holding the baby dragon tightly in her arms.

One hour later, they arrived home, exhausted from their hunt. They had set up an enclosure for the pearl white creature with fresh berries and cold water next to it. They then searched up ‘pearl white dragon rarity’ and were surprised with the result.

“One in three billion!” Mary shrieked, her jaw wide open in shock.” How are we going to take care of it Thomas? It can’t go to the vet, the vet won’t have even heard of it let alone know how to treat it!”

“We will figure it out…hopefully” sighed Thomas.

2 Responses to “The pearl white dragon by Jessy”

  1. I like the tittle.
    What do the stars mean?
    It is all really good.

  2. Kyra-Leigh SHCP
    I like how you have wrote a small white creature with eyes like an Opal was staring back at her.

    Will the vets prove with the creature?

    Maybe you can but an … at the end.

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