Dragon reader

WANTED- Dragon Reader

Are you always thinking, wondering and dreaming about dragons? Then, why not apply for the best -and dangerous- job.  We have multiple prizes if you tame the dragons guarding The Valley of Silence. 

You will get the following prizes:

  • The Elixir of Life.
  • Infinite gold.
  • A limousine 
  • A yard full of Chickens. And a Cockerel.
  • And a castle of tangled magic.
  • And who, may I ask,who could forget the hat filled up to the brim with coffee.

We have to admit that that’s a lot for one person though.

Come along now! Quick, don’t be too late!! Spaces are running out!!

But… If you’re interested, contact The Fire house, No.1 Ice kingdom.

2 Responses to “Dragon reader”

  1. 1. Excellent persuasive language.
    2. Could you up level house.
    3. Could you describe the job in more detail.

  2. i like when said ‘why not apply for the best’

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