Sky bomb by Keira

Chapter 2 episode 1

Sam and Harvey tried to lock there knees as the sky ship slowly started to fall down. Captain Clark ran to the emergency sails but they weren’t working as the wind was to strong. 

“We are going down”! Shouted Captain Clark.

There faces struck in horror. They didn’t know where they were going to land. The sky ship started to go down faster and it was giving them butterflies in there tummy. The two younger boys grabbed there telescopes and searched the sky for the goblins. Whilst, Captain Clark tried to stop them from falling.

Chapter 2 episode 2

With a slump they hit the ground. Fear shot up Sam spine. It looked as if they had hit an abandoned farm house. The crew slowly stepped towards the creepy building. Suddenly, the wether vain screeched and Harvey jumped out of his skin. Strangely, the west sign was missing. All the other letters were hanging off. The thunder and lightning was just getting worse so they decided to step inside.

 The hallway was cramped and the walls were damp. The closest door to them was the kitchen, so they went in. It was a struggle to get the door open as the hinges were rusty. Captain Clark had to give them a helping hand. With several shoves the door opened with an ear piercing creek. Nosying around, the kitchen had some gross things on the cupboards: cobwebs, slugs, holes were the rats had ate all the food and wet patches that had off food stuck to them. Also in the kitchen sat the dining table with a half chewed leg. The chairs had green and brown stains and they didn’t even what to know what it was. 

All of the sudden, the door slam shut…

2 Responses to “Sky bomb by Keira”

  1. Hi Keira,
    1. My favorite line is your opening line because it tells you what they are doing, where they are going and who the characters are.
    2. Why were the letters hanging off and where is the west sign?
    3. Maybe you could include if the letters had flew off in the wind or if the west sign has been stolen.
    Apart from that it’s great and it builds such a strong image of where they are and what
    they are doing.

  2. Rebecca McHale March 30, 2021 at 2:24 pm

    comment by ava : i like how you described how strong the wind was and you used lots of powerful words

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