Part 3 The Moon Gaser

Quickly, they searched through the house’s for some things to prepare the sky ship to launch off of the ground and into the depths of the air.

“Come here!” shouted Captain Shark

All hands on deck we need this rug to be lifted to the hole it is airtight. It will keep all of the hot air in the ballon. They put two ladders either side of the ship
“There’s something or someone scratching that wall in here” said one of the crew members.

They released the air in the balloon to get inside. Who could this be or what could it be? We crawled in slowly desperately trying not to fall through. It was huddled in a little ball, trying to keep the cold inside its small body. They touched it and it squealed, hoping that they would help it get out of this oven it was a baby dragon.

Chapter 4
It was now ready to breath fire, though it was too hot to do it we took it into the cabin and put some of the ice packs on it trying not to make it have frostbite so they put a blanket on it to block the coldness making him all stiff all over his joints.

We tried to see if he could fly or walk by itself, it could walk but it was too stiff to fly we gave it some food to pick up its strength and to live on.

We tried to find its mother but there was just no luck, the child that sent for it, ran with it in his hands all the way to her bed tightly holding it and casting a rare spell of one of her healing potions for the wing that was broken.

Running at full speed, then putting it back before someone notices that it is gone, we decided to call it moon spirit but she accidentally knocked in a feather of evil and turns it into a gost spirit and then she let the dragon drink it all.

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